Shipping & Delivery


PRE-ORDERS are shipped out within 30-45 days (specified on product page). Normal orders are processed & shipped out every 1-3 business days.

Public Holidays/New Releases/Drop Days/Restocks are all subject to potential processing delays due to large quantities of orders. Although it is rare, slight delays may also occur due to customs inspections.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions or concerns. 

North America: 5-8 Business Days | DHL: 2-4 Business Days 
Europe & Oceania: 8-22 Business Days | DHL: 3-6 Business Days

FREE SHIPPING [Orders Over: $185 | $300 EU]: 
North America (5-8 Business Days)
Europe & Oceania (8-22 Business Days)


Free Shipping

If you've qualified for FREE SHIPPING, please note. It is a default shipping method that is 5-8 business days within North America and 9-16 days to anywhere else in the world. All free shipping orders will come with tracking. DHL shipping is not included in the FREE SHIPPING option. 

Worldwide Shipping

When selecting your shipping option remember that some shipping options do not include a tracking code. Please select the option that has the tracking option if you wish to track your package. e.g. "Canada Post Tracked Packet USA (Tracking Code)" or "Canada Post Small Packet USA Air (No Tracking Code)".  

Sticker envelope shipping does not include a tracking code. 


How do I get my tracking number? 

You will only receive a tracking number if you've selected the shipping option which includes tracking. Once your order is fulfilled, your tracking number will be emailed to you. You can receive a tracking number through our support chat as well.

If you have provided us with your phone number, your tracking code will also be sent via SMS.

Please allow up to 5 business days for your order to be updated on the tracking link.

Which items receive tracking?

Small items such as face masks, stickers, and pins that are ordered separately do not receive a tracking code. 

Lost and Stolen Packages

If you selected the cheaper shipping option that does not include tracking, and your package does not arrive. We are not responsible or liable for any lost or stolen packages. However, if you chose the shipping option that includes tracking, we can happily give you a full refund if your package does not arrive.

Courier services are not perfect, we encourage everyone to choose the TRACKED SHIPPING options so they are protected.

Envelope shipping does not include tracking so please make sure to input the correct address. 

Incorrect Address Inputted

If the customer has inputted the incorrect address we can't replace lost packages. Please make sure your address is correct including your apartment room number. 


All import duties/fees vary depending on your country's bylaws and where you receive your package. We are required by law to provide an invoice of all the items you have purchased. We are not responsible for any customs charges/taxes/duties that you may have to pay.

Public Locations

We can't send packages to public places such as restaurants, public lockers, or public facilities but we do send to private PO boxes.